Happy Birthday Vernie

1 year has rolled around since Vern’s last birthday memorial. Vernie would have turned 18 today. The tears flowed for a bit yesterday again – how we miss Vernie and his lame jokes and noisy guitar….wished i had found new pictures to share here but….the pictures have run out…its just memories now…


Mum at Vernie's grave today


Some messages to Vernie on his FB:

Lim Yu Jeen Time passes quickly when you don’t think about it. Indeed you’ve gone for a while now. Things have settled. But always remember we think of you, we miss you and we love you. Even if time stretches thin and we no longer feel the pain, engraved in us is the memory of you. So dear brother, wishing you the very best with God in heaven. Happy 18th Birthday to you! ^_^

Toh Yu Jin Oooo Vern! Happy Birthday buddy!!! Man, you’re legal now! Bet you’re pump about it! Ha Love and miss you buddy! Have an awesome one in heaven! Whoop Whoop! Less than three ♥
ps: I’m getting better in guitar now! Oh yeah you bet I am. 😀

Lau Xue Liang Vern, today is your big day and can do legal stuff de. Every time i went eat jelly, it always let me think of you. still remember the days you keep calling me for jelly? i miss it so much.. Vern, you are the person i respect the most, wish you have a blast on your biggest day in heaven. Cheers!! =)

Sophira Chong Hayashi Vernosuke So i’ll blow out a little candle just for you. Happy birthday, V! Miss you. I wonder, would you celebrate up there? 😮

Bryan Lai Hey Vern. It’s been a long time. A Happy happy birthday to you = D We all still think and talk about you. No one can replace the fun and joy you add to our little group. We all miss you.

Zoé Ng Omg , I almost forgot today ): Hi you . 18 already ! Omg , that sound so old , when I think about it .
I miss you so much !! Did you know that Hayashi also means woods ? 😛 Haha , I learnt it with Bry in class today . That Japanese lunch sounds really good right now :/ ♥♥♥

Win Ern LeehomAddict Heyy, vern.
It’s been so long.
Missing you lots here.
Are the angels taking good care of you? 🙂
Yiching Ong How fast time flies.. I will be honest and say that I actually forgot today until I saw my notifications. but that doesn’t mean that I have forgotten you.
Happy Birthday, Verniepoo. ♥
I will most definitely be wearing your tee all day in college later. =)
Danielle Tong ‎: Vern, Happy 18th Birthday! I want you to know that deep inside our heart, we miss you dearly and thought of you at times. Hopefully you could hear and see us from up above! 🙂

There are many meanings and ways a person grieves – the death of a loved one, the death of a loved pet, the death of a relationship, the death of love, the death of a belief you always held close to your heart – which all passed away leaving you wounded, empty, sorrowful and even tortured.

I learned that life’s lessons are hard, painful at times and that only time can heal. Of course, healing is accelerated when you surrender all to the Lord and put all your trust in Him. The human mind is such a whirlwind of thoughts and imagination and the heart complements all that with emotion. So alot can be going on in your mind at any one time. Of late, my emotions have taken a roller coaster ride and I’m not sure how to tame it.

Grieving is a process but the bible says, the Lord comforts those who grieve.

Dear Vern,

You are Uncle Vern now – makes you sound so old isnt it? Little Jade Jade wont know you in this lifetime but I will tell her about you and show her your pictures…it will be awhile until she understands. I know you are doing well in heaven and like the song says…no sorrows, no suffering….

we love you

we miss you

we’ll see you soon.


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