Back where the action is!

I am BACK – as far as ‘action’ goes – its all baby-related still but lucky me – i’ve got willing helpers!

There isnt enough hours in a day, I’ve learnt – between work and play and baby all in between. My blog has again taken the back seat – I havent been blog-dry since….ever!

Also, I’ve got a new toy in the iPhone 4 – the Talking Tom Cat app (free) is so funny, you could faint laughing. Now i’ve got to share my 16Gb worth of space with Baby Jade – Kids apps for her entertainment!

Baby Jade is also the newest member of staff in our office – she comes to work, sleeps and eats here (how committed of her) It helps that I have my own room, of course, and that my mum-in-law is just next door….

Our wedding anniversary is just around the corner. I sometimes cannot believe that I’ve been married for 1 year and have a baby to boot! Praise God…

Here’s a pic of baby I took today with my new iPhone….abit shaky so its not sharp-as – Jade Jade still looks cute though!

Hi all - I've started work now - I'm the boss!!





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