Jade Jade meets the family

Thank you to all my readers for continuous visitation to my super-dry blog!

Now that my adrenalin has slowed down somewhat – life was paranormally busy for me since our return to KL – I can finally find some time to say a few words (Baby Jade is sleeping soundly thanks to the evergreen SARUNG yang bergoyang goyang!) Yes my friends, the quality of my posts are pissin’ bad lately only cos my brain was only on half-work mode and my fingers did all the typing (alongside the thinking). Hopefully, as my life finds some sort of routine and some shreds of normalcy again, the process of putting my thoughts on post will improve! Its been almost 4 months since I gave birth – guess I can hardly continue to blame my bungles on my pregnancy hormones…

Me and Jade Jade

Alot of people ask me if I have gone back to work and most of them register surprise when I say, of Course!

Afterall, I’ve been languishing in sleepy Adelaide for 5 months – who wouldnt want to get back to the corporate world!? Haha – after a day’s work – you start to miss the baby! I promise my blog wont be ALL about baby(ies) but I cannot help it, baby takes up so much of life at the moment – you can’t but worry what happens to YOU and YOUR life after baby is no longer dependent on Mummy…..(sniffles)

Jade Jade all dressed up to meet her extended family! Dress from Aunty Ange!

Geared up to meet everyone downstairs!

How cute is Jade Jade!!!! In my eyes, anyways…I feel compelled to take pics of her every single day! So be warned!



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