Our Singapore vacay

Happy Anniversary! With baby now in our lives….planning a wedding anniversary gets abit tricky. It was our very first anniversary – a whole year married, wow! Hubby took me on a nice anniversary trip to Singapore on Deepavali weekend (see, we also celebrate what!) and we had fantastic night at this place:

Tippling Club

Tippling Club is a uber cool dining (and drinking) experience which we highly, highly recommend to all our mates out there. Its very chill, relaxed and nicely hidden somewhere on Dempsey Road (nestled among the greens). Service is excellent (we sat at the bar, where else!) and the food was a tasting menu (read: degustation) of very kinky looking and DELICIOUS food (you cant call this food, its art!). Unfortunately, I mis-calculated the amount of alcohol I could stomach and had alittle too many (one cocktail per course and one bottle of champagne between us PLUS one appetiser cocktail is one too many!) and I had to be carted home halfway through my tasting menu (hhmph!)

On the terrace - way before drunken master reared its ugly head

Champers in hand - me, not yet 'up' there but the shade of pink of my face was deepening

We chose to stay at MBS Hotel – just to be in the thick of the much hyped new casino and hotel in Singapore.Β  And unfortunately, we felt that the stay was definitely all that – HYPE! The service was bad (for a 5 star hotel charging 6 star rates). At SGD500+ per room per night….it left much to be desired (it didnt exactly created value in OUR minds)

MBS Hotel - Lobby

At Akashi Robatayaki - prolly the 2nd highlight of our trip. Food and more food, what else?

Yum Yum and triple yum






3 thoughts on “Our Singapore vacay

  1. Sue you look gorgeousssss!! Love your hair + makeup there! You resemble your mom so much in your recent pics, both so pretty πŸ™‚ Tipling Club sounds like a must-visit, will take note of it πŸ˜‰ kisses to baby Jade!

  2. o dear….if u dun say u just had a bb,noone will ever knows it!u rock d dress man!!!yes the one in tippling club!so hot n look thin man esp da waist!(did u photoshop?evil eye ^*^)so heidi klum lo!!!!!u lose all da bb weighs ya~~lucky u!
    keep it up ,mama sue
    more pics pls!!u n bb jade also pls!
    to quench my thirst in hk!miss u

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