Its like welcoming back a long lost friend – a friend whom I affectionately call…my blog!

With what I call the insufficient hours in a day syndrome – finding time to blog is like having to make a big decision between giving up sitting-on-potty time or some precious nap time while Baby is sleeping. And to top it all off, I realised today that my baby might be teething. Back to babycenter.com for some much needed advice on teething. The fact that baby is running a low temp fever is giving ME a fever.

So here is my obligatory apology and reason for my lack of making an imprint in cyberspace. This calls for some make-up pictures! Pics of cutie baby Jade!

Baby cheeky

Tis the season to be jolly. With Christmas round the corner (and my hubby’s birthday! – the significant big three-o) the pace of the year end slows down. Its like releasing the air to deflate a balloon, dont you think? The hype of the whole financial year (pressure was on starting post Chinese New year, of course) and letting off steam during the last weeks of 2010 and the start of 2011.

Hubby and I are taking a week off to gallivant in Japan this year during snow time – doesnt the sound of ‘sinking and soaking into a hot spring in the dead of Japanese winter’ sound good to you? I have heard stories of how ‘un-shy’ some ladies have to get when getting their kit off for that unglamorous run and dip into the hot bath (little hand-sized washcloth covering my bits with a death grip comes to mind! Hmm, should I cover my boobs first, down under or my stretchmarks – big decision!!)

Dinner time unfortunately – blog post has to be cut short! I shall leave you with a funny pic of Jade Jade….she’s just like her daddy….

Hmmm, I can't decide - am I hungry or not?



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