Information overload? What is the speed of my processor, brain wise?

Is TV educational?

I was at Mum’s place today and managed to watch abit of TV for the first time in 2 months. Usually, TV (in my mind anyway) is associated with junk-filled entertainment. You would quite often hear proud parents say “I dont allow my kids to watch TV” – well, parent-like as I am, the channel I always like to watch is ASTRO 712 – yes the extra-junky channel filled with celebrity news and nauseating repeats of “Keeping up with the Kardashians’. I used to say – I hate watching them and their seemingly pretentious life – never could I believe that people would actually watch their show.

However, to my (unpleasant) surprise, today, as I finally had the time (a whole 20 minutes before baby did a poo and I had to wash her up in the toilet) to sit down and put my arms over my head (hammock style) to watch TV – I actually felt relaxed watching the Kardashians. Looks like the entertainment value of TV just took a bit of a rare change.

Every spare minute of my day is filled up with doing something – and my “to do” list is unending (and growing longer each day). I strive to squeeze in as much as I can (on top of motherhood, work and Romance, that is – huh, what romance?) in terms of education. I read the news and store away some info. I read a magazine and make a mental note here and there. I read the Bible and make a mental note. I surf the net and make mental notes. I am being a kiasu parent and reading all about multiplication of baby’s intelligence as well! On top of all that, I’m reading something on how to best feed your baby – diet and nutrition. Where are all these mental notes going to? Answer: Nowhere. I just realised the term ‘information overload’ does happen. Something goes in this minute and is out the next.

So I guess I’ve learnt to try to take things slower, not be too hard on myself. not to try to be little miss perfect – to be alittle rough around the edges. in actual fact – to be less kiasu, please!

I am re-reading (along with everything else during potty time) a book called “the Journey” by Billy Graham. Its written is such simplistic and feel-good language. I good recommendation as a real gentle reminder to all Christians and also something nice and introductory for a baby Christian like me. No matter how busy you are, you should set aside at least 10 good minutes of your day (the ten best minutes, really) with God (out of the 1,440 minutes you have each day. This kinda puts things in perspective, doesn’t it?). Whichhhh brings me back to the lack of minutes I seem to have each day. Can anyone be too busy for God?











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