Just when I thought my blog has gone-to-the-dogs, I log-in (been eons since my last post and last log-in) to find that my sites visits were superbly healthy TODAY!

Tis a strange and marvelous thing.

As Baby Jade grows by the day, I realise that wow – I suddenly DO have time for a 5 min magazine read (even if its on the potty – and only for American Vogue, no less). I DO have time for a DVD – by the way, this new movie, “Going the Distance” starring cutesy couple Drew Barrymore and Justin Long  – cracked me up! I’d give it 5 thumbs up – adult jokes, of course. I find I DO have time for a body massage, time for a dinner with friends accompanied by DRINKS after! Wow! OK, so I did scan my watch 9and more subtly, my iPhone) every 5 mins once the clock struck 1030pm. It takes half and hour to get back to Shah Alam from any where so I didnt want to get home too late for Baby.

So having said all that, I realised of late that I actually missed blogging, writing and YES, after today’s rant, my couldn’t-quite-put-a-finger-on-it void is filled! I type so quickly as my mind overflows with (cyber) verbal diarrhea.

Its 2011 – and after the whirlwind of 2010 (being pregnant, giving birth, breastfeeding) – 2011 starts sedately as I renewed my ‘vows’ with my ‘career’ and juggle the Mummy job as well. I’m blessed to have a pretty capable Cambodian domestic helper and fantastic grandparents (to Jade).

Jade Jade is almost touching the 6 month mark – and I thought the day would take ages to come. How quickly time flies, how quickly she outgrows the obscene amount of baby clothes we buy her (I cant help it! The miniatures are so cute!) As clothes-horse crazy as I get, I DONT indulge in buying RM 600 baby Burberry dresses! hehehe….

My Sayang in her car seat

Hubby and I had a wonderful end to the year in amazing Tokyo (wait, that doesnt sound right) – its Amazing Thailand and Crazy Awesome Tokyo. We only ate and shopped but this time managed to be disciplined and took in 2 tours – one to Mt Fuji and another to Asakusa. OK so both within a range of couple of hours journey but STILL! 6 days in Tokyo doesnt get you much places if food is priority.

Anyways, it was the first time in 2 years I have seen snow.

Mt Fuji on a relatively clear day

Mt Fuji in the distance, two Swa-ku's in front

Delicious Kyushu Ramen

Gonpachi @ Roponggi. We were so excited to be here because the scene where Uma Thurman kills the crazy 88 was shot here in this restaurant. Food was average though...

Sigh – I love re-living my Tokyo holiday – it was superb, excellento, fab and short but sweet! A great holiday is hard to come by now that Baby is with us but there is always something to look forward to when we come home. JADE JADE!!


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