Festive antsy-ness

Holiday after holiday – thats what I love about the year end and new year. As the year winds down, it starts every so slowly in January. Resolutions are made but broken due to the festive feeling at the start of the new year – and now that CNY is a whisper away – we start revving up our celebratory selves. New clothes, new shoes, new hair-do, new colours down to new underwear!! Btw, have YOU bought your new underwear for CNY?

My mum-in-law has found a fantastic source of beautiful CNY Phalaenopsis Orchids – I dont know what connection this flower has with CNY, really, but they are beautiful all the same. My room in the office is now adorned with this beautiful flower. As usual, yours truly took ages picking them out just because I was spoilt for choice. There were too many pretty colours to choose from but I wanted to yield to my monochromatic inclinations and go for ALL white. But as I felt I was in an unusually festive mood, I decided on….

Purple and White - the owner of the nursery arranging it

I had to pick one which had not fully blossomed, so its not yet bloomed to its full glory yet! I have to ‘make room for CNY’. These fellas were kept in an airconditioned room so that they wouldnt flower too early! I also took a picture of the super pretty white ones (which too late I realised looked different because its petals are thicker and bigger than the one I chose).

The White range of Phaelaenopsis in the nursery - fully bloomed.

Then I remembered that I had requested for Phalaenopsis flowers for my hand bouquet during our wedding. So yes, these flowers are dear to me – probably dear to like every other bride out there too! haha.

On my wedding day - sniff!

Will I ever be so slim and radiant again in my life!!!?? Sigh! Anyways, happy CNY in advance everyone!



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