My first engagement party

I woke to a cloudy morning was 8.10 am when Jade Jade stirred and made some irritable noises (she had a tummy ache last night) and after feeding her 2 out of 6 oz of milk, she promptly dozed off again.

So I grabbed the opportunity for toilet (potty) time – which is equivalent to reading time (haha!) and after my shower – she’s still asleep! So here I am having an extremely strange morning – blogging while waiting for baby to wake up for her routine bath and milk time.

Last weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to witness the engagement ceremony of my mate Nellie – she is going to be a beauuutiful bride. I have pics but am under strict instructions not to share any before the upacara bersanding. Awwww! Now I have to actually use words to describe the event.

Nellie being Nellie pulled all the stops with the quiet and intimate ceremony – decor was simple yet elegant and cute! The tents and drapings were all in gray, baby pink and white and we even had a little sugar fest – there was a chockies, cupcake and sweets bar – Nellie even made her own brand of mineral water – Nellie and Ikhwan! Complete with the “Marriage Facts” instead of “Nutrition Facts” on the label.

Serving size: 2 hearts

Amount per serving: Love: 12.8

% of daily value:

– Total Bliss: 26g, Passion: 41g, Trust 34 g, Happiness: 143g, Laughter: 1000g, Loyalty: 2g and etc.

Guess Nellie and Ikhwan’s recipe to success is laughter! God Bless your union and of course – I cant wait for the akad nikah and the reception. Muaaah, Nell Bell!



2 thoughts on “My first engagement party

  1. thanks for being there babe! Couldnt be happier to celebrate (one of) my big days with my favourite peeps in the world! Love you..xoxo!

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