4 quadrants make 1 life

I find my blog to be a very strange place sometimes. Some days, my stat counter stays low and usually when I log on, I find the stats hitting the roof after a week of quietness. Of course, my primary motivation to continue blogging are your blog visits, so if you like my (sometimes psycho-) babble….visit me here more!

Gone are the days when I had the luxury of 10 mins a day for blogging. sigh – time time time – never enough. It seems the brain department is lacking some nutrients as well, post pregnancy and labour, since my thought process doesnt seem to be as sharp as before. What happens when you have 3 kids???! My blogging (and brain) will be reduced to nothingness??? Anyway I’ll deal with that when the time comes.

To get the most out of life and my time: I have resorted to this idea of dividing my life into quadrants -> (1) People (2) Passion (3) Profession (4) Prayer – my 4 P’s.

People – deals with my love life, baby, family, extended family and friends. Anything to do with relationships and my (sometimes non existent) social life.

Passion – deals with my self development and improvement. Reading, learning, pursuing my hope and dreams. Entertainment, eating, travel, blogging, movies.

Profession – deals with my career and contribution to work. Includes our new home renovation & other administrative work.

Prayer – this should be first on my list. Includes God, church, fellowship, doing my part for God’s kingdom, community, prayer life, devotion and SOME evangelism.

So what are the percentages of time I’m spending on each category above? At the moment, People (i.e. baby and family) take up 40%, Profession 40% and 10% each to prayer and passion. Gosh imagine if I had 2 kids….everything would be cut in half (no more reading magazines on the potty or playing angry bird)??? How cannnnn????

Once upon a long time ago, Passion, People and Profession were my priorities and prayer was zilch. Well now, I’ve been blessed many times over – God did not forget me. Life is so fuilfilling and its great when you know the meaning of it. Happy CNY again!!




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