The dream home in motion….slow motion

When I log on to my blog much much less than I do the stock exchange – I concede: thats a problem! It indicates that I am keeping in alot of pent up ranting in my mind which strangely rears itself in my brain all throughout my 90 minute massage sessions (also a rarity these days but not extinct, I’m proud to say). It has been about 7 months ago since I declared here that we found our dream home. Well, our home is taking a snail’s pace in becoming our DREAM home. The current state it is in (just a shell and sliver of it’s once complete  previous self) is close to being left as a ceiling with columns and a couple of hacked walls holding it up. Looks like we have a long way to go – even more so when someone like me is in charge – I am so indecisive! Give me more than 3 colours, 3 varieties, 3 patterns and my mind literally explodes.

Now its not just aesthetics that I have to contend with, its actual practicality and function. We all want a nice place, but not one that is so hard to clean and maintain. Take, for instance, a beautiful wooded patio/deck. Nice and shiny and oh so zen and relaxing just to look at. But in less and a year, its gonna look beaten up, faded and God-forbid, UN-EVEN! So should I go with tiles instead? Cheaper and longer lasting AND easier to clean.

ANd windows! Who would have thought that nowadays its not just glass within a frame – we have to drill down to the thickness of the glass and the quality of the hinges (whereby, I’m proud to say, ours would be hidden). Sanitary ware – taking up a good percentage of our budget – unfortunately, having a nice shower and comfortable poop station nowadays will cost you, and cost you dearly.But hey, I dont know about you, but I do spend alot of time on the potty as you all know by now. Stop cringing, its not like I wrote a blog post from my potty before….(dont have any qualms about doing it, though! Ha ha)

Decisions, decisions, decisions.  Something minimalistic but not too stark. Something cosy but not ancient. Something modern but yet old school. Something warm but not too dark. Something interesting but not gaudy. Something cool but not over the top. You need practicality, and a great imagination. And all that…is not kind to your pocket. You also need heaps of time to scour furniture, marble, wood, tiles, curtains, lightings, sinks, taps, etc etc. And time is really, really a luxury I dont have. Every activity I choose to partake in takes me away from the baby, so that activity has to be worth the while. So what do you do? You hire someone….and spend all your time now chasing them instead. Not that fun either….

And the fun continues…

I am trying to update my blog as often as time permits. When the baby’s asleep, when I’m done with my poo of the day, when the husband’s away, when I’ve eaten and showered etc, you know – all basic needs. I wanted to write less but write with more….how do you say it….QUALITY? But maybe just to touch base with all of you out there…I should write more often, not with less quality, but with something shorter with more fun packed in.

Til my next fun packed post – adios. I need to spend at least 10 minutes a day with God. Night Night, sleep tight.










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