New Look, new tummy?

Thought it might be high time for a change around here – yet again. Thought I would start my renewed zest for blogging on a new slate, hence the new theme.

The new tummy part aha now thats the mystery, innit?

Well I’m to share the results of 8 weeks (YES, JUST 8 weeks) of religious rubbing of this on my stretchmarks.

Strivectin for stretchmarks and wrinkles

So I started on Tuesday, approximately 2 days ago. I shall report on this sporadically and if it works?? Wow.. Yes alittle painful on the pocket but imagine if it worked! Would YOU run out and buy it faster than you can say STRETCH!!!??

I have found that stretch marks are not exclusive to women who are pregnant and have given birth. It does affect a lot of people , maybe as much as cellulite does.  In my case, I had nicely bragged that I barely had a hint of a stretch mark until a couple of weeks I was due to give birth. But alas! My over stretched skin and bump could take it no longer and the marks spread like wildfire.

I will be happy to share if this product works. Lets keep our fingers crossed.






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