Coordination – so simple yet so hard

I am up to my eyeballs talking and coordinating for the new house. So, let us all not underestimate the word COORDINATION and the humble profession of COORDINATOR.

When you have 1 person on the job…..ok, smooth and dandy. Then you decide you need another on the job, and then the politics start. I think the heart of the problem (after my careful and irritable dissection of the issue) lies with the human need to pre-conceive and make self assumptions. It also rests mainly on a human being’s previous experiences (which are ALL usually BAD that are kept in permanent memory).can A work with B? We are all mature human beings, adults too. Arent we?

I have decided to make my life even more difficult by hiring (yet another) interior designer – one that really (so far) sits on the same page as me (thanks Wei Ney!) and she’s a gem. However, now the nightmare of coordinating old and new designer, contractor etc starts. Well, shall I not be so pessimistic? Shall I tell myself it’s just teething problems and everything will smoothen out….? Or is it the start of bigger problems to come???

One thing’s for sure – the costs of renovation, carpentry, electricals, interior design, sanitaryware etc etc are escalating. Our pockets are fast growing flat (I’m sure there’s a hole in it, somewhere!) and on top of everything, everyone wants Deposit! Deposit! before any action can be carried out.

More updates to come on home renovations…and here’s a look at our home at the moment.





Fingers crossed!





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