The world is nearing it’s end?

You must have, by now, heard or read about the devastating tsunami that hit Japan following a quake with its epicentre offshore – 321 miles away from Tokyo. The tsunamis were observed to be 4 meters high following the quake! One of the worst quakes to affect Japan in its history. Its a lazy saturday morning – one I havent had for a while now. As relaxed and excited (both) as I was about this, I was too chilled to blog this morning. And I have to add that ironically, here I was, sitting on my comfortable herman miller chair, in an airconditioned room, drink by my hand….dumbfolded by what I’ve just seen.

I have just viewed one of the many many videos posted or being circulated on facebook via youtube – and what a wake up call for a sleepy Saturday morning. Houses crumbling like matchboxes, fields and meadows being washed by so much water, which seemed as if it was guzzling everything in its path – something like how a tornado would. The waters moved so fast, leaving a trail of debris and fire in its wake – dragging along the occasional fire it made. Vehicles were driving away from the on-coming water as if it was a scene from a movie gone wrong. Cities just wiped out and the worst news is that it may not be the worst quake to hit Japan in the future.

I am very sad for the people in Sendai, Japan – which I found is a coastal city, north of Tokyo, about 300 km’s away. It is very near to the offshore epicenter of the quake. Its not just about having no electricity, food, water – its looks as if its now about life or death. Lets pray for the people of Japan – that babies are not lost, that children aren’t separated from their parents, that people wont get trapped in lifts and buildings, that people dont get burned alive.


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