Maxis Maxis Maxis

Oh this lament. It was never in my vocab, never in my complaint books and I have never had to mention this in the past 12 years being a rather satisfied maxis customer. Also, I’m not one to make complaints (this publicly, at least). But it has reached the last ticker! I complained about my ridiculous domestic data charges to them in my November 2010 bill and yes that was rather promptly taken care of the following month. But the following month, there was the SAME problem and yet again I had to make a complaint and request for a credit towards my bill. I have spoken to about 4 different customer service reps and I have had to repeat my explanation (down to the page number X, item X of the bill) and they kept telling me the crediting had been done – B UT the one for my first complaint, not the second!

Today someone rang me back from Maxis – just this poor girl who was doing a survey about the maxis customer’s understanding of their bill. In her own words ‘to educate the customer about billing’ – boy, did I give her a good education about billing!

Anyway, we spoke for almost 45 minutes – me explaining from scratch. She, to give her credit, had pretty marvelous patience but it was a challenge for me to keep my voice in an even tone (as opposed to becoming more shrill by the minute). But I was as good and nice as I could possibly be in the given circumstances. After 45 minutes of getting her to understand the problem (yet again she referred to the first bill credit i received) – she told me…OK Miss Sue-Ann, I will get the personnel involved in your case to call you back again…it will take 5 working days usually.

Anyway i told her…..I refuse to spend 1 hour of my office work hour explaining this for the 5th time to the next person. Please explain this to her before she calls me.

She nervously asked me to summarise again what I just told her – which I did quite patiently because I wanted this issue settled once and for all! I pay my bills via Direct Debit – and have been doing so for the past 10 years but when it comes to billing disputes – its like a lost cause, cos, YOU already PAID!

And to add to all that ruckus, the line got cut off 3 times during that conversation!! Maxis, maxis, maxis…..




One thought on “Maxis Maxis Maxis

  1. That’s why we CHANGE our whole corp account to DIGI. ;p
    We also had huge problem with Maxis. And again, it is their billing account. I really think Maxis should consider out-sourcing that dept. IF they keep this up, all their clients will flee…

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