Your ‘here’ very jam

I have a bad habit of thinking alot during my weekly massages.

Yesterday, I tried a new masseuse (Thai, as opposed to Chinese) and I couldnt think much cause I was too busy going “Ouch!” “Owww!” most of them time. To which, she would say “Tsk Tsk Tsk – your “here” very ‘”jam””. If you need a translation, it means, my shoulder blade or where ever indicated by “here”, had alot of muscle clots. One of the worst places would be the insides of the kneecaps and also the corner under your underarms and the mid point between your elbow and your underarm (there is always a clot there from using too much ‘mouse’ as my previous masseuse wisely told me). Just typing it here pains me.

Anyway, it was interesting to note that the pain for the right side of my body didnt match the left. “this side , OK” she says of my left side. “I know,” I said. The pain was substantially less. Maybe its because I always carry baby on my left arm and my body tenses to the right for balance.

I was too quick to judge the new masseuse. I had already practiced in my mind what I would say to the receptionist/administrator, later. “Its not my style” I would say.

However, she picked up her pace halfway during the massage and after 1 hour (I usually do 90 mins but today I luckily opted for just 60) I felt quite good, actually! And today – just alittle sore but generally, I did feel a good improvement – felt abit fresher, physically. So really, it made me think….we go for massages with the mindset of either (1) relaxation or (2) to soothe our aches and pains away. For me, I love the fact that my forever aching lower back gets kneaded into oblivion. I always tell the masseuse before hand…lower back, back, shoulders. But yesterday the new masseuse scolded me – You cannot always do your back only…also must do here and here. She tapped the  back of my legs. I guess its true…its all interconnected.

Since I’m on the topic of massage, its time for an update on my post last week about Stri-Vectin and my stretchmarks.

To be frank, I havent been THAT diligent on applying it twice per day but I’d average it to once per day. I actually, (gasp) found that the stretch marks FELT less deep. Yes they were very deep. So its a psychological thing, or, IT really may work!! I shall report on it again in another week.

For now….TGIF!


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