review drama

Who would have thought that buying home appliances for your new home could be as tiresome as say, writing a 100 page report for a 10million dollar investment?

I was reading reviews on washing machines…YES, just washing machines and not yet the fridges, ovens, microwaves, range hoods and gas hobs. Anyway some of the comments are hilarious. These aussies really have the gift of the gab. (mighty useful). At risk of plagiarism, let me share some (note, this does not represent my views on any of these brands or products):

Of X washine machine

Overall: I read a heap of reviews on these washing machines & went to quite a bit of trouble finding this machine in my home town. When I got it home I was so excited and put my first load on and all was running beautifully until it came to the spin cycle and my god it was like a plane was taking off in my laundry, I turned the spin cycle right down to 600 RPM & this did not make one bit of difference, It was so shitty the machine literally ended up moving a meter from where it started. The clothes were washed really well so much better than my Top Loader LG. I have only had the new machine 4 hours and I have come to the conclusion I have purchased a lemon so I am going back to the store tomorrow to swap it for another one as I do really want this machine. If anyone else has had this problem please let me know.

Overall: replaced a large kleenmaid which was the bane of my life, cost me a fortune and finally kicked the bucket just as my kids arrived home from london broke and nowhere to stay. 8 adults and 1 3yr old. new machine did 10 full loads first day and 4 loads a day since. had it 4 months and just cant highly recommend it enough. do yourself a favour and get one of these you wont be sorry. i had sent weeks trying to make up my mind as to what to get, thanks to this web site every one i looked at or was pushed to buy came up bad on the reviews. finally took the plunge at went the bosch frontloader. bit dearer but at this stage who needs the hassels, not me.

of the Y washing machine

Comment 1
Pros: When it works, it works well
Cons: It’s a pile of rubbish. It’s second rate performance is exceeded only by Y Customer “service”. After only three years we have just replaced ours because of RS service and amazing spare part prices; we’ve been out of action for over five weeks waiting for parts and competent servicemen. The next time we look at ANY Y product will be when Hell freezes over.
Overall: IF you have money and time to burn, buy one. You won’t be disappointed. Otherwise, go Japanese or European. Quality and service leave this Kiwi company in the dust.
Comment 2
Pros: Made a substantial difference to water usage, when that was important.
Cons: 3 years and 3 weeks after purchase, it is FUBAR. 2 year warranty is a joke. Destroys buttons on sleeves, destroys collars on shirts. Kiwi crap of the highest order.
Overall: I will never, ever buy another Y product in my life, and hopefully I can instill this life-message upon my children. Don’t even get me started on our Y dishwasher…..
Of the Z French door refridgerator
Comment 1
Pros: Looks great.
Cons: Delivered 29/1/11. Broke down today 17/2/11. Unbelievable. Have to take time off work to wait for technician (been given a 5 hour window) Not good enough.
Overall: Do not buy this fridge. This fridge came highly rated by Choice Magazine. That was the reason for purchase. I will not be purchasing Z again and am cancelling subscription to Choice.
Comment 2
Pros: Design is brilliant but that is it.
Cons: Horrible customer service, fridge keeps turning off, water dispenser doesn’t work half the time. Very expensive, the stainless is so thin on the unit it looks warped.
Overall: After paying more money on the fridge than our car I was disgusted to see how many problems the unit has, poor service, poor build quality I can’t believe people buy these “things” because of the design. I was conned into a brilliant design but which wasn’t practicable in reality. Can’t wait to move out of my house, I’ll leave the fridge in there and get myself something simple but reliable.

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