Oh the melodrama of it all…you’d better be made of $$$ nowadays if you want your kid to be ‘ahead’ of the game!

So last week was the first and inaugural play class for little Jade. I have to say that I have had LESS physical action at the gym (was it 5 years or 8 years ago that I last stepped into a gym?). It was with some parent-ly excitement (on behalf of Jade Jade) that I approached class last week. A first time for Jade is a first time for me! The class was less than 1 hour and there were about 10 other kids coupled with a parent (or sometimes, older sister etc). Most of them were aged between 6 to 10 months and I think Jade was one of the youngest for this class. In infant terms, 1 – 2 months makes her a “Jie Jie” or “Mei Mei”, so yes, its worth mentioning.Well when they said PLAY, they really meant huffing and puffing, making Mummy red in the face and then white in the face after over 30 mins of carrying, swinging, bouncing, singing, clapping and talking to baby.

Jade was very good, not a single tear, not a peep of irritation – but she wasnt really laughing either. First thing, I guess the experience was too new to her and seeing that many of her peers in on room, at one time, must have been a sight indeed. Seeing Mummy red in the face from over-exertion was the second thing.

Which brings me to the parent-kiasu game we all play in the 21st century. Admit it! We all want our kids the first head start in everything – oh, especially the part where we MUST stimulate not just the RIGHT side of the brain but the LEFT side as well. And on top of that, we MUST ensure that they are physically fit too! This Mummy believes her baby (as all other babies do) has the potential in her to start reading by the age of 18 months and doing math too. The Daddy thinks she should be a great swimmer by then.

You must be thinking – poor mechanical baby!

Well, she has her fair share of watching reruns of old Mickey Mouse cartoons on top of all that Baby Einstein. And, I am from the camp that believes, the sooner you teach them, the more you teach them, the better they become. I think it just makes common sense. From what I read, a baby’s brain is capable of doing something just slightly short of what a computer can – so there you go – it should absorb heaps of things like a very dry sponge would. They crave new information, all they DO is learn!

So teach YOUR baby something new, every single day.











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