Do decision making skills run in the family?

Just looked at my blog postings and realised that the last time I blogged was like 4 days ago. Where did these 4 days go??? When every minute of the day counts….

I am getting abit nervous about the home renovations. My range of emotions, let’s see. From excitement, to being gung-ho, to being highly perfectionist (and then realising that wont work, and it also gets on other people’s nerves), to being indecisive, to being satisfied with decisions, to being daunted and finally, NERVOUS. Why nervous, cos not only money is involved, so is time! Also, you dont want to re-errect a wall that you decided you wanted, then didnt want then wanted again, RIGHT? (JUST saying)….

I think I have this problem. When it comes to a certain major decisions being made in my life, I usually equate it with how long this “thing” is going to last. With the house, I am taking it from a standpoint that I want it ‘done right the first time’ and taking better quality materials as I forsee us being there for the next 10 years at least. And suddenly, 10 years sound like a century and everything in that perspective makes choosing hard.

For me, a job change warrants a sleepless night, heaps of tossing-over-type battles for a week before I take the plunge. What a worrier. Of course, if its the job of your dreams, you then worry about what consequences this new job will give with regard to your personal life. And again, the sleeplessness. And if the new job comes with heaps of moolah and is perfect in every imaginable way, then you’d be tossing and turning with sheer excitement.

Yes, so I have been known to be a mind-changer (I hate people like that, dont you!?)

My building contractor claims very sweetly (and sarcastically) that I’m his BEST and most favourite client. Its ok, he stood me up for 1 hour on site last week and now he owes me BIG!! (bluek)

OK its SKYPE time – the hubby is away on ‘duty’ and the ‘fort’ needs to report back. Til next post!


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