Green, mean, little machine

When even my building contractor is having sleepless nights, I should have finger-nail-bitten-to-the-bone-level anxiety. Its taking too long! And when people ask me…why so?….i am sometimes left pretty speechless.

OK so we changed our designer mid way – mid way of drawings and layouts and that took about 2 weeks off the schedule. Now I heard that there is order lead time of  2 months for our sanitaryware so we will make that renovation completion deadline by the skin of our teeth.

And, who knew that even regular ol’ taps are not taps (*BUZZER!* Wrong name! You call a tap a MIXER, I learnt! Cos most taps now mix hot and cold). And NO, you dont call a sink a sink – not just any sink is a sink. Its called a WASH BASIN! *BUZZER!!!!*. You only and ONLY find sinks in the kitchen, never a bathroom or toilet. And mixers today have some form of water + air technology to it. Even technology needs to be GREEN nowadays (using less water, more air?).

Fridges, washing machines, cookers are not left out, NO no no. The colourful brochures printed by electronic and appliances companies scream GREEN! GREEN! GREEN! There is almost always a little green stamp around the product so much so your eyes ignore it after a while. So now we know all these competing brands are GREEN! So the ones that are un-GREEN are quickly slashed off our shortlist, are they? So now we have elimated 10%, we have another 90% to choose from that are all GREENNNN!!

So now, do you want a fully imported model or a locally made model, or alternatively, a model made in either Indonesia, China or Thailand? Now the further the country from where your appliance hailed from, the further the spare parts are, and perhaps the worser the after sales technical service will be. And the dearer the price.

The sales talk is “Wellllll, if you invest ALITTLE more on the fully imported model, you shouldnt have any problems”. Well whats the difference, you ask. For example, the bracket for the german-made BOSCH washing machine is in cast iron, compared to the one on the local Electrolux – is made of plastic! So there you go. And you say to the salesman…”Ohhhh….” and thats it. does that help in decision making? Yes and NO. I go back to my budget and probably decide that I will have to make do with plastic after all!

So….what will it be? It will be what the Budget says….


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