a hi all post

September 2008.

Its been over 2 years that my blog has been up and running. OK, so on most days, it ain’t ‘running’ – its plain dead. But today I am abit melodramatic and all sentimental as I recall the day I started blogging and the stuff I used to write. Dushy woshy stuff. Sometimes I cringe when I read it – but hey, everyone starts somewhere and Rome wasnt built in a day.

If you would have told me then I would last for 2 and a half years (and counting) – I would have said…Oh, really!? So it really caught on, huh?

Today I am quite encouraged by my blog visits. I do wonder half the time who reads my blog – as you can see…hardly anyone comments – so maybe heaps of people come here by accident or either…i got heaps of ‘silent’ readers….both of you are welcome! and those here by accident….you might like it and stay.

Today I have the flu and a sore throat. I havent had this for a while now (finally the flu jab i had  like over a year ago has worn off?!)

So while I would love to write a more meaningful post – I have something important to do tonight. I’m starting a new blog and the deets will be shared soon.

Til then – stay cool and happy.


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