headache, panda eyes, no sleep

Headless chicken, Running about. Sounds like me.

The home renovations have reached a vomit-blood stage. Contractors!!!

Hence the lack of posting – but rest-assured blog posts fly through my mind even when I’m sleeping – if only I’ve got one of those funky retro Lois Lane voice recorders to record my thoughts on the spot. Turning on the pc in the dead of the night is panda-eye inducing. Not like I’m getting free flow sleep as it is.

My brother Jeen recently came back to reading my blog after i accused him of not visiting. He replied with “Oh, no wonder I felt something was missing in my life!” Hardy har.He comes to my blog, skips the home domestic titles, skims through and whines that there are not enough pics. And that I should put my face here in a cool-as-ice looking pic. I responded…Aiyo, I OLD already la..dowan to put my face there….. And anyways…its all the more mysterious, innit?

Its Saturday, but I’m at work for a meeting today…..adios!!


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