Monitor baby

I was told by a cousin of mine that I actually inspire her to blog….Thanks Hsin Ee, you have just given me alot more inspiration likewise!

Hubby today admitted that he read my blog recently (perhaps he was silently editing it so as to ensure little wifey here doesnt reveal too much about his bits).

We are watching this super duper old HK movie, a comedy called The Black Rose – hubby was so incredulous that I had never heard of this movie, never watched this movie and never heard of the term ‘Bi Boo, Bi Boo’ before in my life. I swore we grew up on different planets, because hubby watched this movie to death when he was 5 years old and was amazed that I had never heard of, or have been told of BI BOO BI BOO!. OK, the Bi Boo Bi Boo part he made me watch WAS QUITE funny.

The Australian masterchef season just started – Episode 3 now! OMG, last year (when I was pregnant and bored) we lived off watching Masterchef (along with the rest of Australia) at 8pm every night, leaving us twitching with withdrawals during the weekends. And when it ended….we were wringing our hands thinking ‘WHAT will we do with ourselves?!!’ The drama.

Its been a long while since I have sung praises for a product on my blog and today, I am going to sing about The Luvion baby monitor. Its slim, its nifty, the night vision infrared camera is fantastically clear, it never ever cuts out and is very reliable. You can record on it and it is also a two-way communication tool – abit like a mini walkie-talkie. To me, a baby monitor is almost an indispensable tool for any mum and a reliable one is seriously worth its weight in gold. Imagine doing a poo in peace while baby is sleeping in her cot! I even take it to the bathroom in case baby wakes up while I’m in the shower. Find it on

Luvion Baby monitor


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