Ni Hao Ma? Greetings from Taipei

My knee hurts because I just banged it against the bottom of this desk I am at right now. It made me say a feverish prayer.

It looks like an antique chinese table from some old chinese dynasty. Everything at this hotel we are at this time round is as old or probably older than I am. I laughed at the absurdity of it, but it took me over 30 seconds to figure out how to use the lever to flush the toilet after my poo. I was literally laughing out loud while I stubbornly pushed, pulled, twisted, prodded, pushed around the lever and finally stopping for a few seconds to study it more closely. Even after studying the thing, I still did the same, pull, push, twist – except with a bit more strength.

The flush

After a long 30 seconds, I finally found that it worked if I pushed it downwards – real hard. Hurray! I didnt for the life of me want to ask Hubby to teach me how to flush a toilet – I know he knew cos (1) He’s been to Taiwan (although this contraption may not be a common feature in younger hotels) and (b) he just used the toilet.

OK, toilet stories aside, I just realised that (Im not trying to be arrogant here but) its been a long while since I’ve stayed in such an old hotel. But wait, it’s very clean and I realised again…one of the most important feature of an hotel is the shower (and of course, the bed). The water should be hot enough and not turn hot and cold halfway through a shower. And thats what I didnt have to put up with, so I’m happy enough. It was just a blast from the past being in a hotel whereby the light above the sink in the bathroom is encased in one of those white, plastic boxes as big about1 foot white and 1 foot deep, and THAT was framed with a 1 inch thick wood around it.

The other thing I always evaluate in a hotel is the quality of their towels and number of towels provided. A face towel, hand towel and bath towel, reasonably thick – is indication of a well-run hotel, even though old. The lighting is also sufficient and there is a 32 inch flat screen tv. Another tick.

And this one provided the above PLUS bedroom slippers – so Hubby is happy.

Happy belated mother’s day to everyone, as Pastor Dr Tan said in church yesterday, even single ladies looking for husbands (and wanting families), or ladies who cannot conceive should be included,as Mother’s Day may be a sad event for them. After becoming a Mother, I have realised that it takes sacrifice and hard work. It takes up so much of your life, but there is so much joy and beauty to life. Something always to look forward to, and the bible clearly states that Children are a reward from God.

In the same vein, I just watched this movie on the plane: ” Love and other impossible pursuits” and there I was bawling my eyes out. It had the precautionary note by the synopsis : TEAR JERKER. I hate crying in the plane while watching movies. Anyway, it had the lovely and most beautiful Natalie Portman in it and thats enough reason to watch it, right? It was about a woman who had lost her baby at 3 days old and her having to deal with her young step son, amongst other issues.

Maybe the tears came alot easier because I am now a mother and to lose the child 3 days after the baby’s birth would be very heartbreaking. To lose a baby at all, is heartbreaking. And no woman (or man) should ever have to go through that. I really praise God for baby Jade.


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