Mushi Mushi?

Lame blog title i know. But who cares, my smattering of mandarin, mixed in with some Hokkien and usage of cantonese words translated into what I hoped a mandarin speaking person would understand – got me around Taipei somehow. We are now in Tokyo! And i miss Jade Jade sooooOOOO much!

Our first pit stop was a ramen shop – abit too much MSG and not the best in town, but it got us fixed. Its cold and dreary, it been raining since we got in today, and I am surprised that Tokyo is still so cold in Mid May. Im keeping my fingers crossed that these rain clouds were not gathered near the Nuclear Power plants…

The best invention ever?? I declare it to be the electronic toilet seat warmers… ahhh, now thats one inviting toilet bowl. Its just such a joy to sit on it in a cold country, in a cold, hard, toilet.

We just had a dinner of delicious, very sweet and tasty Hokkaido crab legs shabu shabu – cant recall the name of the restaurant, bad me! At the end, we put rice into the now very sweet broth (based on bonito flakes) and egg and it was the best watery congee I ever had.

10am, TOKYO

Its now morning and my post resumes cos wordpress has some issues last night. I am determined to visit Odaiba today, which is like a little man-made island near Tokyo, I heard. There’s shops and restaurants there and since its new to me…i’m off for another amazing adventure, albeit alone …poor Sue…..

Hopefully I’ll be back with some pics of the place. til then, have a great Friday, TGIF!

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