Do you truly sometimes believe that God has a plan for you? That is just something you think you are destined to do, for God? Like an itch you cant scratch? However, because the picture is not clear and your faith seems not ‘up to scratch’, you procrastinate, dilly dally and then get lost in the way?

I reckon, God has a way of pulling you back to where you should have been, and perhaps doing things in ways bigger than you could have imagined. Dont ignore God’s call!

Thanks for your steady visits to my blog! Its coming close to May 30th, and it would be Vern’s 3rd memorial. If you let it permeate your life, the pain of loss that never truly goes away, remains there, steady and stagnant – just bubbling under the surface like a volcano threatening to erupt. Its been awhile that my Yu Vern Tears came. (the kind that just keeps comin’, the kind that just slides continuously out of your eyes, leaving you wondering – there’s more??!). I’m just so glad that God is in my life now, and nothing can remove that.

Recently, we watched a doco about Benazir Bhutto and the situation of the poor in Pakistan. I can’t help thinking how comfortable we are, living as we are today, when some people have to scramble to have clean water, while some children in certain parts of the world die from having none.

Do you brush your teeth to running water each morning?Are we going to church each week, going through the motions, attending cell (for me, not as consistently as I would like!) and etc and find….hey, we havent done much for God have we? Most things we do for ourselves.

I am reading this book SAY YES TO GOD, by Kay Warren (spouse of Rick Warren, leaving no guesses there!) – and it is surprisingly a great book, one again that attempts to drag us comfy citizens of the earth out of our comfort zones. I am going into chapter 3 only and I am highly recommending it.

One of the things she said that really got me thinking is “the Kingdom of Me”. We pray for our loved ones, our lives, our improvement (which is great, but is that our only focus?) and sometimes, I am now starting to think, what is my REAL motivation behind those things I do? Those things I think I am doing in a godly, christian life – if I strip it down, are these all just me me me?

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