Love hate

I must admit, I am now having a love-hate relationship with our new house. Progress seems painfully slow and there doesnt seem to be much changes at site after 2 weeks of being away. I love it because it really is a labour of love (although no hard labour from my end but thinking and having emotional worries count as labour too, doesnt it?)

Hubby has given me the esteemed and glorious title of Project Manager for the home renovations and really, its saying ‘Person to Blame if anything goes wrong’ or if budget’s overblown. Which, by the way, of course it is. Thank goodness for rolling budgets! Tee hee.

So my budget rolls, and heads do too.

Even the deadline rolls. And the size of that problem is equitable to the budgetary one. Its also a rolling deadline! So, a few rules to go by for ‘future’ houses. (A) Try not to get your own subcontractors (B) Select all your materials way before. My contractor jokes that the deadline is ‘always 2 months from the day I ask’, everytime I ask.

So right now, while baby’s napping, I have the time to worry about the deadline. Previously July 1st. Now doing the backward calculation, it really isnt possible. Its July 15th now, minimum.

But I should give myself a rather good pat on the back too. We had a say in every part of the house (you’d be surprised how much some people leave the choice to the designer) and I have successfully juggled all the different sub cons and the fitting in of the new designer. We have finally agreed on the best look, best layout and the optimal solution to everything. So I guess I shouldnt be too hard on myself. But because there are indeed deadlines, we had to make do with some material choices that wouldnt necessarily be the best – and hey, budgetarily too.

On another note, My mum corrected my mistake on the last post. Its Yu Vern’s 2nd memorial this May 30th, not 3rd. Has it ONLY been 2 years? It felt like forever.

I hope I keep the tears in check for the memorial.

On a brighter note, here’s a picture of a urinal in an obscure toilet in Gui Lin, China.

Urinal with automatic water system

Not very sanitary but…cheap! A block of ice saves the day…and the ammonia from the day!


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