Are you the kind of person that likes to spare a person’s feelings? Do you hesitate when you have to tell someone some bad news or just plain reprimand someone of something bad that they have done (but not realised?) – or are you the kind of person who can do this rather robotically (i.e. without feeling bad) – “hey, what you gotta do, you gotta do!”. Or do you actually enjoy it (this would be in secret of course!).

I am guilty of getting the nerves when having to tell someone bad news or something un-nice.

There are alot of people in this world who have no qualms telling a subordinate off – accurately and right to the point-ly with no beating around the bush – of their mistakes. Or when you have to relay some rejection news to a subordinate. Or when you have to lay someone off, imagine! But hey, if you have that talent of really separating work from personal feelings, then, all power to you!

I admit I find it difficult to be confrontational, and try quite hard to find the ‘right words’ if they exist in my vocab, that is.

What about turning someone down for something that that person had been placing high hopes on? CRINGE!

Talking about nerves – I used to feel very restless and fidgety when I knew I would have a work presentation the next day. Everynight before a math exam in secondary school, I would not be able to fall asleep until 6am whereby I finally fall into a fitful sleep for 1 hour. Talk about anxiety. Do only young people get this? This problem seemed to have solved itself (well then again, I dont anymore math exams and MATH! Why the need? We’ve got excel and calculators, dont we? If not, I’d just whip out my iphone anyway).

AND THEN, there’s the first date.

I would always mentally remind myself to order something really easy to eat, such as chicken nuggets or fried rice (hmm, even rice was risky). Eating on a first date was akin to going for a math exam for me. I would not be able to eat much at all, maybe just nibble on the corners of the nugget. And call it fate or bad luck, I would always somehow grow a pimple in a not-so-subtle place when I was due for something important the next day. SUCH AS MY WEDDING!

My husband never has such problems. Or that he doenst care to admit it.

On our first date, we had claypot chicken rice and he was really into his food – bones and all went flying (ok so I exaggerate, but you know what I mean), while I couldnt get much down. No fair!

Am I the only girl who is so subconscious that my face turns red?

Just a few days ago, my contractor DID NOT whisper to me these words “Ei, as a friend….as a friend….you do your hair like that not nice lahhh! What happened to my lovely client?” I felt my face go red!! Even though I didnt believe my hair was that bad. I had a perm in Taiwan – only cos I felt my hair was cut too layered at my last visit to my usual stylist. And he said it in front of everyone at the show room!

So I guess, I’m still young inside….and I still blush. Only now, its not hubby that has that power anymore!!



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