Betrayal at its finest

Betrayal. A nasty of all nasties 8-letter word.

When someone says this word, you don’t get the chills. Not if you’ve never been betrayed in terms of trust or betrayal of confidence. Not if you have never expected the blow and never saw it coming. The word has a nice ring to it, doesn’t at all sound ugly – but the true meaning of the word is beyond ugly. The aftermath of which leaves you speechless, as if you’ve been literally boxed in the stomach and your insides churn despicably.

How about when someone you thought was your ally, someone from the Alliance, not from the Horde, so to speak – betrays your confidence? When there was an unspoken agreement between the two of you that allowed you both to operate seamlessly together, without worry of risky exposure. And when you find out that ALLY had broken your trust, spilled the beans and had the charm to lie about it, feign ignorance and try to buy an alibi to prove that he or she was not at the “scene of the crime”? You cringe.

You cringe when you think of all the other information you and this person had shared in confidence. You think you can never trust this person again. You feel sad, you grieve alittle. But silently – you fortify your armour, your tend to your fort (and other weapons of mass destruction) all in the name of defence, of course. You never want to be exposed like that again.

So who hasnt? Who hasn’t been, in some sense of this word, been not-betrayed against? Its only the level of betrayal or types of betrayal (like 100 on the Richter scale) that leave you feeling as if life dealt you a nasty blow. But, you do know, that to some extent, you can try to avoid it or minimise impact, right?

Trust no one, love no one, confide in no one but your trusted journal, where you keep under lock and key, in a safe, somewhere preferably buried under a mound of mud in your backyard.

Can human beings be self-sufficient to the extent you confide in no one? Well, thats what the torture of solitary confinement is all about right? So there you go.

Pick and choose your closest pals carefully. Dont end up being bitten in the a$$ and whining about it later on your blog.





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