Do you know what is PHD?

Not Doctorate of Philosophy, PHD in Malaysia can simply mean…Pizza Hut Delivery.

Its been a very long time since hubby and I had pigged out and ordered PHD. There is one near our home, so we know that the age old Pizza Hut roof logo has been changed to a (great) ball of fire, except that the pizzas are anything but close to fiery. The only word that could come close to describing it is FIRED. As in terminated.

Last night we both got the cravings for Pizza, so we called. We always have 2 types: Super Supreme and Hawaiian Chicken (extra pineapple). Firstly, the PHD telephony person was kind enough to correct me and ‘educate’ me in that “Super supreme is no longer known as Super Supreme, its called Supremo now. And NO Olives”. He said this very pleasantly.

And to top off that travesty (no olives!!!??), they renamed Hawaiian Chicken to the very sophisticated and very specific name of “Waikiki Chicken”. Wonder which marketing director mastermind was behind THAT brainchild.

And so, came the pizzas, but we realised too late that they forgot to bring the soup we ordered. We finished the meal although the general rating for the meal was very unsatisfactory. The pizza doesnt taste the same, well, the Hawaiian Chicken was alright, but the SUPREMO was lousy. Even hubby says “How can they call it supreme anymore?”.

Our favourite garlic bread was the same size (to give them credit) but the amount of garlic butter on it was quite sad and pathetic, making the normally soggy-ish and tasty bread rather dry and chewy. Even the garlic bread was a letdown.

And this morning, when I woke up and looked into the fridge, I saw 2 bowls of PHS soup inside. The maid explained that the PHD delivery guy had come back with the soup at least 45 minutes after, when we were done with the whole meal. Arrghhhh!

This is all quite saddening, really, and I always remembered Pizza hut to be a family favourite when I was growing up. As if it was such a treat! And it was, those days. Now…someone has slapped a new logo on, given the pizza new names and not really improved the taste, quite the contrary. Sad Sad Sad. Who eats Pizza Hut anymore these days, we wondered. The reality of the ‘demise’ of Pizza Hut pizza as we know it has caused me to categorise this post under “WHAT THE!”








Next, they delivered it within the anticipated time.

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