A great day! A great experience!

Have you ever had a good day whereby you actually feel great and feel even a tad embarrassed that a perfect stranger has done you a good deed?

I would have thought that in this age of kiasu-ism, individualism and first come first serve would have killed all goodness in anyone.

One fine day (FINE DAY indeed) after church 2 weekends ago, I was lining up to pay for a couple (ok, maybe not a couple but really, a handful) of vegies for Jade Jade at the grocers, the man in front of me allowed me to pay first! He was there before me and there was another lady just finishing up in front of him.

He was pushing a trolley load of items, but the trolley wasnt even half full, maybe just 1/3rd full. So it wasnt like he had that very very many items either.

I could hardly believe it! I thanked him profusely but felt a teeny bit embarrassed, just the same, that someone did me a good favour. He was middle-aged uncle that was clearly buying things for the family. He was of Indian heritage.

And today, while I was waiting for someone to pick me up at the grocers i noticed two old ladies occupied a bench outside, they were seated. One of them motioned to me, shifted to the right and offered me a seat. How wonderful it is! I declined very gratefully, but after waiting a while for my ride, I told her “I think I will take up your offer” and sat down with my groceries. She even asked me “Are you comfortable?” Shocking! To which I chirped “Very comfortable, thank you!”

There is hope in Malaysians, there is hope in mankind!

I have read many times about foreigners coming to Malaysia and always commenting about the friendliness of Malaysians. I used to think….”SURE BOH????” But I guess there are little gems in the street here and there. Also, if you have been kind to others, I’m sure others will be kind to you.

Have YOU any good experiences to share?





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