Bye bye first half

The first 6 mths of the year has come, gone, disappeared and is never to return again, well save tomorrow, which is the very last day of the first half.

Just as we do with our mid year KPIs, its high time for me to evaluate what I’ve achieved in the past 6 months. I have been on approximately 3 trips this year, one of which with Jade Jade. I dont forsee much travelling on the horizon this year, but lets keep our finger’s crossed. Hubby has been hinting to go for a short break but I dont know if it will materialise, since our talk is cheap and ferocious.

I was supposed to learn a language this year, being Mandarin, but I havent managed to start, except for the stuff I’ve learned from my masseur, and the flaky cantonese from the 98.8FM talk show host (who solves love and relationship problems). Ronnie is immensely tickled by the way the host ‘gives it’ sarcastically. Especially to love sick girls who claim their boyfriend doesnt love them as much as they ought to.

I’ve finally FINALLY finished my Basic Doctrine 1 after procrastinating for 2 years! Its a compulsory class you need to take in church before you are eligible to become a ‘real’ and ‘accountable’ member of the church, my church being DUMC. I’ve been bad with my journalling during my nightly quiet time, and sometimes quiet time is equivalent to praying sideways while lying down – as exhausted as I am at the end of the day.I hope that the good Lord understands….

Our home renovation progress is very poor, of course. And its at the point where I leave it to the able hands of our new designer. Yes, a new designer for the 3rd and LAST time, because we couldnt make good with the 2nd designer. In my opinion, she had great ideas and style but as she was too rigid with her ideas, I found her stifling and very difficult to work with. It was a sad thing that we had to once again shelve our plans and take it up with someone else.

Lets hope and pray for a great 2nd half of 2011.





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