To make or not to make!

I was out for lunch with a girl friend yesterday, and something she said make my mind click. My friend lives in Singapore and has been working and living there for many years, and is also married to a Singaporean.

Yesterday, she said to me…’.I noticed that you guys (meaning myself and our group of Malaysian high school friends) …dont put any make up when you go out?! Is this how you make up to go to work?’

I said: But But! I put on eyeliner at least – AND i fill in my eyebrows! If you see my eyebrows naked, you’d really think I had no make up. And the foundation will clog my pores, anyway….

It was a weak protest at best. Truthfully, I concede I am guilty as sin of under grooming – oh the thought of slapping on foundation, eye shadow, eye liner, MASCARA wasnt as scary as as the thought of the steps of removing them.on a daily basis! My skin would be as rough as canvas from all that scrubbing and tugging!

But she had a point. Why do our husbands look at other, well groomed, well dressed women (even if one steps into a KOPITIAM for lunch) – while all the while denying to their wives that they DO look?  heck, even their wives will look!

Fingers snap! It must be because of his under groomed wife looking nice and casual as if she just got out of bed, took a shower and was lounging in her her old mickey mouse tshirt and 10 year old-weather beaten shorts – no make up.

So my friend said….you should wear make up! every day! and look nice, EVERYDAY! If not for yourself, for your hubby.

And thoughtfully….I thought about it.

When i spend longer than 10 minutes prepping in front of the mirror for a casual dinner with hubby, he’d pass by after his shower and very quickly gelled hair and say…”Darling, why do you need to put on any make up? We’re just going for dinner at (one of our casual, usual places).”

And it would seem to HIM that I wasnt confident at all about my natural looks (self) and had to cover it with make up! So then, it would seem, that I would have to put my make up on discreetly and secretly so he wont even notice that I have any on, but manage to look beautiful ‘naturally’!

Oh the dilemma. My mother would say to me….”Come on Sue-Ann, put on some make up! Do you think you got alot of natural beauty or what?”

And I’m rather sure I’m not made of the same cloth as Natalie Portman, who has terrific bare-faced beauty.

So this morning when I was getting ready for work….my hands hovered over my make up box for a while, wondering if I should slap on some foundation. Thats all my hands did, HOVER. I decided to put it off til tomorrow – Hubby’s away for travel – who else is going to look at me?







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