Wake up!

Wow…its been a lethargic week that passed by…leaving my blog once again high and dry.

I have been in hibernation mode, the mood’s only been so – so although there isnt much to complain about. Just that sleeping has never been so shiok and the brain just wires off.

I think I need a holiday but the thought of going the distance to KLIA, getting through immigration and actually going on a plane already tires me. So I only want a mental holiday. Cant someone invent an imaginary world (some sort like being in The Matrix), where we plug in and zone out and virtually go on holiday? Imagine, shopping without real money! Not worrying about stretch marks while lying on the beach looking alot hotter than Rosie Huntington Whitely. The possibilities are endless.

While I’m here being rather resistant to actually doing stuff, the world continues to turn and things are happening in the world around us….so I keep track of world happenings on the potty with the trusty ipad as usual. I’ve even taken to playing solitaire and doing mind numbing things like that. Even angry birds is too much effort lately.

Wait, of course i still go to work everyday – I dont know why people perceive me as a stay-at-home mum. Is it cause of the lack of make up!? (refer post below) Or that I just look the part of bored housewife?

Energy….where are you!!!??? Wake me up!

I was watching a very interesting doco about London call girls and how certain women in the planet has chosen the most ‘oldest profession of all’ in their bid to earn more, more quicker. The only difference is that they now get to choose their client and who they want to ‘spend time with’. I guess in this day and age, the morality bid has sunken to new lows and no one batts an eyelid anymore. Anyway…

15 minutes into the doco, my hubby comes along and we go to watch Harry Potter – Deathly Hallows 2, was it? I lost track of the wizardy names.

I have never been a fan of Harry and gang and I only ever watched the first movie and now, last. I have to say, I was dragging my feet in going to watch the last Harry Potter (at hubby’s insistence) and hey, it was quite a cliff hanger. Must have been my low expectations. Hubby does have a weak spot for ageing sequels, ‘Pirates’ included. I felt the 3rd Pirates movie was a long, draggy bore, nevermind 4th…or issit 5th now?

And of course, Emma Watson got ‘hotter’ but I can hardly say the same for Ron Weasley…..Hubby insisted that this is the very LAST and FINAL harry potter movie EVER! But I’m not so sure….



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