Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Happy Birthday to Jadey poo, our girl has turned ONE! What a milestone…Thank you everyone that came to Jadey’s first year bash….she didnt make much appearances throughout the whole party (like a real diva…) so here she is…admiring her mountain of pressies!

WOW, look at all that! Thank you Aunty and Uncles....Jadey kiss kiss!

Hmm...cant decide...which one to open first, Mummy...

Today Jadey had her inaugural first haircut! Yay and clap clap hands! But she cried throughout the whole ‘ordeal’ as if someone was going to snip her head off instead of JUST the fringe….I once had the ‘pleasure’ of hearing a kid’s screams during a visit to (another different) hairsalon in Mid Valley once. And I thought…poor mother of that child….and today…I was the poor mother of THAT child…Dont blame me if you see Jadey and her fringe looks alittle rat-bitten. She used up about half a box of tissues at the salon…all those tears could fill up a bowl. Even the old ‘let her hold my handphone’ trick didnt work.

And Mummy’s heart was squeezed a few times when the hair stylist had to snip snip really quickly while she protested….finally, to end the whole affair we had to hold her head while he finished the job while she was bawling.

After the torturous 15 minutes, she finally stopped crying and even waved ‘bye bye’ to the salon staff while Mummy made a quick exit! Didnt want to push it and ask for a ‘flying kiss’ though….

Til the next monumental Jade Jade milestone….





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