I cannot wait….

As I’ve said time and again, many ideas for my blog fly through my head at odd hours of the day – even in my half awake/asleep state sometimes. Right now, I cant recall a single one of them.

I find it truly amazing sometimes how my blog manages to keep afloat, that after writing 1 paltry post and keeping it there for two weeks, my readers actually still come back. Not sure who you guys are but thanks for keeping it alive!

As many may or may not now know, I am once again, WITH CHILD. And my darling Jade Jade just turned one last month. If someone would have told me 3 years ago that I would be a mother of 2 before I turn 32, I’d say….pPPppFFTTTTT! Once upon a time, I sworn that I would only get married at the age of 30 or above – my young idealistic self once said. But as I neared the mystical age of the big 3-0 (the age where I ‘saw’ myself being like Carrie in Sex and the City – strong, fashionable, independent AND living in Manhattan!) I discovered I had to get married, and SOON, chop chop! Time waits for no man, but time REALLY cannot wait for a WO-man.

So here we are, flash to the ripe old age of 31. I find myself a wifey and mother AND pregnant again. OMG, it has TODAY, finally sunk in….and i’m floored. I had always pictured myself quite the career woman, corner office, et cetera. But life turned out quite differently. God has a plan, as always.

So, once again, i find myself being the fat, lazy, cotton-headed, irritable, sour-faced pregnant woman. An insecure one, at that. Appetite is not great again, this daily feeling of bloated-ness almost makes me weep. Driving a car after a full lunch is SUCH a challenge, and finding a good, sound 8 hours sleep is practically impossible. And the Lord said to me once via his Word…do not grumble or complain….but its hard to do, hard to do. And i am only halfway through the drama. Such a catch 22…..I want it to be over quick, but i dont want to reach the time when I’m once again breastfeeding, recovering from labour and having only 30 minutes windows of sleep before the next feed for 3 months.So instead, I look to 2013, when our 2nd baby turns 1.

My 2nd pregnancy is not as fun. I’m feeling alot more wear and tear and Dr says its because my body has just barely recovered from the first pregnancy. You can say that again!

So, from now til next month, I’m going to imagine this is where I am, every single day, until my dream becomes real and my pregnant self is standing on a beach in the Maldives with my darling hubby.

Hubby, are you reading this?? 😛






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