The funny in me

It was once a upon a time that I found myself quite funny. I had a great sense of hilarity and an ever greater imagination. I cant remember the last time I did something silly (privately or not so privately) and laughed at myself (out loud).

Just today, I found myself doing that – and it struck me that I haven’t been my ‘funny’ self for a while. ‘A while’ here is defined as …”cant remember the last time I did it”…have I become so entirely serious, impatient and uptight that I forgot to be funny? Forgot to be silly?

When I was working in Australia a few years ago, my work initials were SAL. And I was just reminded that some of my work colleagues used to tease me by calling me Silly Sally – I must have been alittle silly back then. It wasn’t that I was crowned the class clown or anything, it was just that I knew how to have alittle fun and even make fun of myself, at times being rather happy go lucky.

Where did Silly Sally slink off to? She disappeared into thin air without so much as a good bye. She just packed her bags and rode out into the sunset. She left behind Ms Impatient, Ms Grumpy and Ms Uptight.

If I were to analyse the matter, I might be led to believe that time (the lack of it) has something to do with this. After becoming a mother, I realised that I at first, had no time to be silly and finally, forgot that I was ever silly and forgot to be alittle silly. Miss No time for some fun, Miss No time for a rude laugh.

I think the ability to be fun and sometimes mock yourself and laugh at the ‘lame’ things you do is such an important part of keeping your sanity in life. Of looking at life with rose-coloured lenses and finding that “hey, there is actually some light moments in it”.

Sometimes we get too ‘wrapped up’ in our own problems that constantly nag at us…abit like a thorn in your side, and as we age, those things just accumulate. Our patience seems to grow thinner by the year as we age and we find ourselves less accepting of inconveniences.

Have you taken ‘time off’ to have a silly moment lately?












2 thoughts on “The funny in me

  1. I remembered Silly Sally aka SAL. It was cute and rather endearing! 🙂 And who used to call you..haha. I know what you mean as we get older…it somehow feel that some things and our surrounding changes naturally…

    Embrace every moment!

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