Sleep tight

Today I’m blogging from bed on my trusty gen 1 iPad which has conveniently become Mine thanks to the arrival of my hubby’s relatively new Ipad2. And I thought the new iPad was for mua but then hubby had taken the care of tenderly having his initials printed on it so yeah…..I will patiently sit out and wait for the ipAd3….it wont be long…before the ipad2 falls into my tech illiterate hands…

I might take ages to finger-type this post but my sore back and muscles are finally relaxed at the end of the day. But who knows….I might be so engrossed in typing this that I don’t realize that my neck is the one now getting stiff…oh well….that might give me an excuse to go on sick leave tomorrow…

And why does my back hurt? Other than obvious fact that I’m pregnant, I was stuck in a freak-traffic jam today at the damansara toll heading toward KL. At 230pm! What the?
It was bumper to bumper and it took me a grand 1 hour 10 mins in all to get to ss2 from bkt jelutong. I was dead sure that was some kind of road block or ten car pile up somewhere up front but no, there wasn’t ! So there was no reason for the 45 minute jam along a 800m stretch! (alot of exclamation marks in my para…)

Anyway I’m just so blessed and glad that I have the best bed on this planet… Do u agree that the bed maketh the sleep? A great bed guarantees a longer sleep, minimal partner disturbance and makes you fall asleep quicker. If I had a heart monitor, I might find that my heartbeat slows down to a relaxed count as I slink off into dream land. I know this for a fact cos when I try to go to sleep on a bed that ain’t mine, I find it harder to fall asleep.

Anyway speaking of which my eyes r now droopy n I look dopey. Goodnight world, thanks for reading.

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