Selamat Hari Raya!

Once again I’m blogging from my sit up position in bed. This time, I’m equipped with my laptop so that I dont have to type at 15 words per minute on the Ipad.

Happy Raya to all my Malay mates! Its the season of forgiving. I watched a shared video on FB – Digi’s latest forgiveness ad. The accompanying music is good and the message is great. The idea is quite creative, but overall, I didnt think it was a super great video and I’m quite sure Ive seen better Digi ads. You can watch it here:

Forgiveness. A very powerful word. A word with a meaning easier said than done. Do you keep any grudges in your heart? You say you dont, but it might be in there somewhere, buried with time, but lurking in there in one of those indiscernible layers.

How do you forgive someone who has done something truly terrible to you? Most of us have petty issues regarding un-forgiveness i.e. that girl in primary school who never invited me to her party (not so serious), or that woman who once stole your boyfriend (more serious) and the women who stole my husband (very serious!).

What about people who had to forgive murders, rapists, kidnappers, torturers. Once there was an episode on Oprah (dont judge me!) where the parents of a child who was hit and killed by a car driven by a neighbour’s kid had forgiven him and they were on the same show together, talking about it. Or could you ever forgive your spouse who had accidentally left your baby daughter in her car-seat and the baby died being burnt in the scorching sun? To this day, this particular episode of Oprah scars me.

But what am I really getting at?

Its one thing to not forgive, but it is another to let it grow and manifest in your heart. taking over your life. Changing you for the worse. Whats more if its a petty ‘un-forgiveness’. Its a wonderful thing once its done, FORGIVENESS. You are free, free from that nagging feeling. Let the anger melt away, use your energies on something better. Use your time for more beneficial things. Let it go.


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