Its a really, really, really relaxing holiday for me. Excellent! Sleep as much as I want, do as much (or as little) as I want and…I’m sure its mostly the same for all of us non-malays who are just ‘lepaking’.

I wish I could say that I did something great for mankind (no matter how small) but spending time with Jadey poo and balancing the pregnancy tired-ness was order of the week. So yes, I was abit selfish this week, with respect to mankind, that is. Jade and I went out shopping rather aimlessly (what a luxury) for once and I was actually off the PC for a total of 4 days in a row! (Not including the faithful ipad, of course). While hubby is away the whole week (boo!) I was secretly using his ipad2. Oh so smooth!

Bad image quality using the Blackberry. Jade and Mummy at dim sum.

Jade is growing so fast…she wrote on the doodle board for the first time yesterday (ok, so a couple of squiggy lines) – I guess I could call that respectfully as ‘drawing’ instead. What a talented little girl God has blessed me with!! HEHEHE! She is only 13 mths but turning into a real copy cat. She laughs when everyone around is laughing (talk about peer pressure) and learns things quite fast. I think this is the end of my ‘parental holiday’ and now we have to watch what we say and do around her.

Its a good thing I became a Christian and omitted all bad words and foul language from my vocab for the past couple of years. I never was very foul mouthed to start with but here and there, I’d let something ‘slip’ and not feel guilty about it.

Jade’s doing abit of a slow-mo and she’s not ‘walking’ on her own yet. She can do a gallant cross hurdle diagonally across her playpen without holding on to the sides (but she doesnt know it). So she’s got abit of a confidence problem with walking on her own – maybe its got to do with mastering her balancing skills.

Being a mum is really rewarding (minus the sleepness nights and badddd back). til the next Jadey milestone…


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