Its 630am in Male, Maldives…I’m wide awake with excitement (also the fact that its 930am in KL) and from hunger pangs cos the last meal I had was at 615pm in KL before heading off to KLIA. I’m counting the hours til we get on the ‘boat’ to head off to the island…

No pictures (yet) today – maybe cause I’ve been busy playing around with my new toy since we left the house..

Sony Handycam - Don't play play...wait for my Directorial debut! Hee

Of course, the star of the show is Hubby – rather he is the guinea pig and very soon he is going to find me rather annoying! So if you see a grumpy man in the video, he would be instantly recognisable.

OK, the ‘man’ in question got out of bed to complain that my typing is loud and he cant sleep! Pooh, lousy Lenovo pc’s – not as silent as my Vaio!

Til later…


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