Windy Maldives

I dont know if its a blessing or not! Its raining every SINGLE day on the island. This afternoon, at 1pm, it was like a hurricane. I even had to take some video footage of it…

We had booked for big game fishing today, and last night we slept early in anticipation for the early wake up call at 6am, and it would be off on the boat at 7am. But alas! At 630am the captain called and said we had to cancel our little boat trip due to bad weather and my poor hubby was so severely disappointed. The sandwiches we ordered for the boat trip, however, was already made, so we had it delivered to our villa whereby we desolately munched on them while watching TV.

But suddenly, at 7.15am, the winds and skies cleared and hubby decided, heck it! Let’s go anyway.

So we called the captain and we were off! It was drizzling, even as we left.

I was like an excited little monkey (I had to video everything!) and I hoped we would catch something because we were told alot of people came back empty handed. The boat had 6 fishing lines and we fished using the trolling method. After about 45 minutes of sailing out to sea, we caught something!! I was on the upper deck, and the boat driver said to me….we caught something big…like the size of me! I was very incredulous AND skeptical.

But yes, it was a huge and gigantic sail fish that was taller than Ronnie!!! We couldn’t believe it!! The captain helped Ronnie reel it in. It was an awesome experience, and we had another couple hours to burn but the seas were rather choppy and I started to go green in the face. I had to semi-lay down. Finally, I had a headache and we had to head back. But thank God we caught something! It made it all worthwhile….

As tall as was Ronnie's catch but I had to take SOME credit for cheering him on!


2 thoughts on “Windy Maldives

  1. OMG you killed the fish? I’ve been sail fishing in rompin and it’s a crime to kill the fish! we released we fish after taking photos of it. I can’t believe this man!

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