Re-living our blissful week in the Maldives

With all this ‘bustling’ activity on my blog, you would think I’ve disappeared into thin air after our trip to the Maldives. Yes well, I’ve literally been running on whats left of my spare adrenalin in my race to complete our home renovations. Can’t believe I’m STILL talking about our home renovations? Well, believe it!

Its my birthday month! Hooray! Best month of the year, as far as I’m concerned. I always pamper myself psychologically in September, and this year, hubby really managed to really surprise me with a gift the magnitude of Saturn. Thank you hubby…..*smooch*

And you know what marks its very OLD and 3rd anniversary this month, this year? Yes! MY FLAVOUR turns 3! I can hardly believe it. Thank you my regular readers for keeping this alive, and I hope I wont be too busy next year to keep it afloat. With the pending arrival of our No. 2, I’m not sure if I would still have time to have a poo, let alone write.

Our holiday this year to the The One and Only, Reethi Rah was awesome and its been awhile since we just, ate slept and did nothing everyday for a whole week. Short of the bad 3-4 days of rain, we managed to squeeze in just enough snorkeling and ocean dips. I noticed a satisfactory bikini tan line on my bum, so its all good!

The ESPA, spa at the resort was lovely, in a couples suite overlooking the water. We both had a clinical pedicure and manicure too, a thoroughly relaxing one where we sat in a chair very much like a dentist chair. They used a drill and small teeny blade to smoothen rough cuticles and rough skin on our feet.

Some pics from our trip…

The lovely blue sea...was crystal

View from the freshwater pool at the resort, overlooking the ocean

In the freshwater pool, where we spent most days.....chlorine free!

Having a snorkel. Do I look strange? Dont laugh...

The main beach on the resort on a cloudy day...and unfortunately, many days were cloudy...

With a little sigh, we had to leave, but in the words of Arnie the terminator….We’ll be BACK!


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