Home blues

I have taken the liberty of making a very primitive, excel-based timeline to chart the progress of our home renovations. If someone would have advised me on the scale of work to be done due to flooring changes and/or using marble in the whole mix with wood, I might have reconsidered, or at least prepared myself for the long haul.

Even our pending neighbours-to-be are no longer raising eyebrows at the extent of our LONG renovations, one that was marked with many delays due to…too many complicated issues to mention. Now, finally, the targeted move-in date (yes, the rolling move in date!) is in sight, and I have it within grasp at last. It was coming to the extent that I was just about to go buy sand, concrete and cement and do my own work!

Even hubby commented that now I could prolly be alittle more of a housing renovations expert. Just that it aint a pretty job! So I dont think I will follow up on this as a career, unless I want stress to be on the agenda every other day.

My birthday celebrations this year was nice and sweet – and my mates Shirley and Chen got me a very pretty peanut butter cake from MO + pressies. No big do, no big bash – but I had as much fun as a pregnant, bloated woman could have. I forgot my camera, so no pics at the moment…

Someone commented on my blog about how it was a crime to kill the fish we caught in Maldives. Yes I do feel alittle sorry for the fish but it is widely sold in the wet markets in Maldives and its not really on that list of endangered species in this part of the world.

Today we are having a cooking demo done at home with the AMC Pot. Have you heard of it? Neither have I. My mother in law says that it can produce great food and flavours even for people who dont know how to cook. Thats good enough reason for me to get a whole set!! My hubby will be so pleased that his pleas for me to start learning to cook has not fallen on deaf ears…Hubby, just dont blame me for breaking the bank!!


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