if you find myself ranting about our new place alot lately, it because i’m literally having dreams about home renovations at night. Ive been ‘light’ hunting by day and dreaming about it by night. I’ve been to just about every recommended and respectable lighting shop in town (including those I pass by during a drive past) and jumping in to review the place in under 5 minutes. Yes i pride myself in having a good, sweeping and rather haughty eye by now…

ive realised the art in selecting a suitable light decoration piece (e.g. for the dining area) and discovered i dont have the skill or talent in this business. I see something that yeaaaa, looks rather nice hanging in the light shop then i make a mental picture to sorta superimpose the scene of the dining area in my mind. that must explain the state of my dreams….

The range of lighting decor are far and many, starting from RM200 to RM200,000 and prolly beyond that (hand blown murano glass, anyone?).

for my budget in question (which has realistically reduced me to finding a superb, classy, value for money, china made but not cheap looking, italian inspired, decor light i.e. of the needle in a haystack variety) i’m reduced to looking for something in the region of RM1,000 to RM3,000 (RM3,000 being a bit of a stretch – oh dear…). I’m just mighty glad i only have 2 large pendant lights to search for and not 20.

We have been ‘sold’ lights that resembled space ships, giant octopuses or squids, noodles, plastic bags, pillows, rattan balls and even balloons….

Til this point of my life (at the ripe old age of 31) I’ve managed to ignore every single light fixture that hovered over my head. Now, everywhere i go, there is a new respect for those things hanging overhead that does more than just light a room. A great decor light can give warmth, eccentricity, tell a person’s character and essentially, change the look of a whole room! So for a person who is as picky as me…finding one can be brain numbing….

A variety of really funny lights:






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