Hear radio

I was cheerfully on my way home at 7am in the morning (as cheerful as one can be at that hour) after dropping hubby off at the airport when my tummy rumbled ever so subtly (and very lady-likely, as lady-like as a pregnant woman can be). My mind turned to evil thoughts of having a McDonalds breakfast, something hubby and I would do on a boring early morning in Adelaide.

So as I was imagining the hot and toasty McMuffin and hash brown (or two) it was that very opportune moment when Mix FM decided to air the McDonalds weekday breakfast ad. I was 80% sure I would turn into McDonalds on the way home. But the outlet near our place was not open!! I hesitated for 2 seconds. Now that my Mcdonald’s breakfast tongue and tummy were whet….should I make a detour somewhere else to get it!?? Picture the hash brown, picture it!

And my laziness got the better of me and my pregnancy taste buds and I drove straight home. So I had a ham sandwich at home instead.

I havent had much chance to listen to the radio morning shows lately – I used to be an avid fan of the Serena C and Pietro era (so far all the DJs after that were/are lacklustre). They do try hard but dont have the spontaneity or natural jabbing banter. Its usually the case where one DJ has the upper hand, and the other (supporting role, I assume) DJ interjects here and there just to be heard.

And, I’m starting to feel that the GOTCHA calls are all rigged and no one is really surprised at being caught in the prank (and fake their OH My GOSHes). I suppose there is such a thing as censorship on the radio too.

Considering that radio DJs start their breakfast show at around 6am, I wonder what time they have to wake up in preparation to make their voice sound so bright, cheerful and clear? Do they drink some kind of concoction to soothe the rough edge of their just woke up voice? eat mints? Do their voice scales LA LA LA LAAA La La La?

Anyhow, I would jump at the opportunity at being a DJ for a day…or a week. Considering that i would be sick of talking by the end of the work day, Hubby would be soooo supportive of this a a career for me…..

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