If I were an AMC Pot sales person, I would use this tagline>>> Cooking has never been so easy and healthy!

However, how many of use LOVE the taste of “healthy” food? Especially us Malaysians of wonderful colours (and taste buds).

Remember my post on the AMC Pot demo? Well my skepticism aside, here’s a pic of what these pots can do.

Bottom layer, curry chicken, second layer, nasi kunyit, final top layer, steamed egg

Firstly, you can cook a whole meal of curry chicken, nasi kunyit and steamed egg (which I have to say was very smooth indeed) at one go. You wait til the indicator on the pot cover reaches 3 oclock and your food is done! However, this is done on the special AMC hot pot (much like an electric stove) which is portable.

To show off more of its ability, its also a …guess again! Portable oven! You can bake a cake in it. In our case, it was just a simple orange cake with raisins.

A cake baked on the electric stove.

Fried Mee Hoon...without the crazy, arm numbing stirring required

Another impressive part was the making of fried mee hoon. You put the ingredients in the pot i.e. cabbage and what not (including pre stir fried ingredients) and the soaked vermicelli. Then drizzle onion oil over it and cover. The result, very healthy and soft (and moist) vermicelli. Only snag is you have to pre stir-fry the condiments to add in, such as meat.

Another amazing fact, you can defrost in your pot! Sample here shows melting ice in that was placed in the pot.

Defrost away

Another thing is that all handles are heat resistant and every pot’s lids functions as a pot stand. What they count on is making food moist and flavourful and healthy, using less oil and trapping more moisture in the cooking process.

The pressure/cooking gauge. Comes with each pot.

My MIL is so kind as to purchase a set for us for our new home. We are now proud owners of a rather large set of AMC pots. Its great for those who have absolutely no pots and are starting from scratch. The price? No change for RM10,000 for about a 24 piece set, including the electric stove, which is optional.

24 piece here I reckon, means both lids and pots. Anyway, learn more at Unfortunately, pots are now valued similarly to fine watches. They appreciate!!! So don’t wait if you need pots.

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