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I have finally had the time to sit DOWN, open my laptop and as usual, the second thing I do (after checking my emails) is to blog. Finally, our new ‘dream home’ is ‘getting there’ – when I say that, I mean, it’s close to being habitable.

I’m quite sure that after 2 weeks of being there on a daily basis, my lungs are probably coated with dust from the grinding works and chemicals that emanate from the newly installed cabinetry. I even developed a phlegm-y cough which does not sound pretty at all – but praise God, without any medicine other than drowning it out with water, its almost at the tail end of its reign over my (lack of) voice. If not for the pregnancy, I would have been popping Clarinase like a madwoman.

I have very good news. After my Hilter-like rant about Alpha Malaysia on my last post, I am quite happy to note that they have called to address my ‘issue’. So kudos to them! I cringed alittle re-reading my last post – I was mad as anything. But I guess its in bad form to keep a complaint going even when resolved and addressed, so I have removed the post. But a lesson to be learnt to all, try to see the real thing and not a picture on a website when buying an electrical product (when vanity is involved!). The issue was poor representation of a product featured on their website. So far, I noticed that their website picture has not yet been updated at time of writing.

Other matters: I need to make a point here. I realised that I have been so pre-occupied with the new house and writing about the highs and lows in my blog at about the same time when people in Thailand (floods) and Turkey (earthquake) have been suffering. I cannot even imagine the unsanitary conditions, cold weather and terrible losses they have suffered while I have been whining about ceiling fans. I’m sorry for my insensitivity! When you have the time at night, do include these affected people in your prayers. Its also the little children that suffer, and thats a very sad thing.

Image from Google images

Image from Google

Image from Google

2 week old baby rescued from the rubble


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