Moving Day

The length of time I havent blogged is prolly the length of time I have neglected to even turn on my laptop. Thus far my tech reliance has been on the ipad during potty time and of course the ever present and glued-to-my-hand blackberry for emails. And you know how lovely it is to actually type on an Ipad right…..*roll eyes*

The reason for the lapse? Moving into our new home! As you all can probably guess.

The new house is not 100% decked out but its habitable. To my hubby, that really means we are ‘unifi-ed’ and HIS tech reliance is satisfied. As far as he is concerned, I’m sure, any tent will do, as long as he has his PC and a 20-mb line (and oh yeah, air-conditioning, of course). No one likes to sweat while surfing the net, do they?

For me, its having a great shower, WC, toiletries and the fabulous bed! And the fact you can eat and microwave stuff. Now, having a new pad means having to have all the baby-appliances too. That sorta doubles the challenge. I actually have 3 playpens, 1 babycot and 2 ‘sarongs’ for 1 baby! And no baby bottles steriliser for the new home yet.

Today marks the day.

We are spending the first night (plus Jade) at our new home. The dream home has finally become reality – Praise God! Judging from the rolling deadline, delays and frustrations I’ve had with the renovations, I thought I’d never see the day. But yes, we are IN and rather settled. OK, so I havent used my range cooker just yet (hubby has fears that I never will) but I will, as soon as I find time after the second baby arrives (cringe).

I have so much mixed emotions about arrival of baby no 2. Fear of continued sleep deprivation and sacrificial breastfeeding mainly dominate my thoughts – and now, Jade is being a bit of a tyrant. Its practically impossible to go out to dinner with her without having to eat your meal halfway and half soggy or cold after entertaining her throughout dinner. Yet, I cant wait to meet our new baby and I at times really wonder who the baby will look like…

Its getting late and hey! I just realised this is my first blog post from our new home. So tonight its the inauguration and breaking-in of the new bed. LOL. Dont worry, all we can manage to do is sleep on it.

Til next….


2 thoughts on “Moving Day

  1. Congratulations Sue! To both you and Ron 🙂 So happy to hear your nest is finally complete. What an auspicious date to mark the occasion too! xx Tina

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