Mad mad mother

Greetings from Adelaide! I’m so busy running after Jade and doing whatever I can at home and trying to squeeze in naps in between. Being 7 months pregnant and running after a little toddler is no joke! I cant wait to have hubby here with me to share my ‘exhaustion’.

If my blog seems somewhat dry at the moment…i’m sorry! To have a poo I have to schedule an appointment so blogging is hardly part of my high needs level at the moment.

now I can better understand the actual meaning of a mother ‘single handedly’ raising her kids. Its really a herculean task and an amazing feat. If a woman has to raise just 3 little kids under 5 years old..she deserves a super mum medal of honour. And now I only have 1 toddler – 16 mths old and another soon to come – its just the tip of the iceberg for me and the nerves in my legs are already taking a serious beating from the constant moving about. I’m taking a break for the next 5 years!!!!

So at this point in time i dont know when is the next time i can actually blog. I may have the time to write something in between but there is no energy left, let alone time to stew my creative juices. Sigh! This sounds so much like a suicide post. LOL. Like a sad and bitter sort of goodbye.

I have been asking myself…what makes me, ME? What is it I like to do? What characterises me? What is my identity?

Well so far, my identity here in Adelaide is equivalent to harried pregnant mother of a toddler who barely manages to draw eyeliner before going out. Everything is in survival mode and to think I might want to continue something in life i.e. a hobby, a love for something that ‘identifies’ me…. that would be a luxury. Just to turn on the ipad at night for a quick surf before I go to bed…is sometimes such a struggle. If Jade is sleeping…i jump into bed. if she’s not, i’m jumping after her.

To all the rest of you…..FAMILY PLANNING IS KEY! Keep them a fair distance apart.

Til my next free time slot. Adios.


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